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Web Design Lancashire

Have you ever created a website for your business? Are you looking to update one you have already designed?

Having a website is vital in today’s very online world. If you plan to take your business online, a website will be the center of the majority of your business’s marketing. The purpose of having a website is to attract online users to it, eventually converting those users into loyal, paying customers.

A Poor Website Will Negatively Impact Your Business

If your website is poorly designed, users will not convert to customers. As a result, you will end up investing in other methods of advertising, which you wouldn’t need if your website was attractive and effective.

Many people claim to know how to design websites and can quickly provide you with one for your business that may contain everything that you need. However, if the website they create does not ultimately attract viewers to it, it is not a successful or effective website.

You Need a Qualified Web Designer

What you really need is a qualified, experienced web designer–someone who has a lot of experience creating websites that make an impact, draw viewers and keep viewers engaged.

When our company builds websites, we follow a seven-step process that has proven to be effective:

Step 1

Identify the mission and key elements of a business’s website.

Step 2

Plan how the design will play out throughout the website. This includes the overall design or flow of the website and the behind-the-scenes technical elements that will make up the structure of the website.

Step 3

Design the website. This step includes the actual visual design as well as the functional design.

Step 4

Create the content that will be displayed on the website. This content includes both what the viewer sees and interacts with as well as what search engines will read and interpret.

Step 5

Combine these elements and create the physical website. This includes creating the internal workings of the website through the writing of proper code and the assistance of different technologies and databases. If you wish your website to be mobile friendly, we can make that happen, too!

Step 6

Test the website. We want to be sure that all website features function correctly and are compatible with popular browsers. 

Step 7

Launch the website!

Although step 7 is technically our last step, we continue to analyze and monitor the function and impact of your website over time. If it needs any adjustments, we make them. If you are interested, we provide maintenance for any period of time that you wish.

Contact us today for a website that will change the trajectory of your business for the better!