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Video Marketing Lancashire

The question that many new business owners ask when creating their website is: Should I include a video?

In short . . . yes. Yes, you should include a video, whether you are a huge, global corporation or a freelancer or a small business owner.

Most businesses have the same basic goals:

One: to attract customers

Two: to convert potential customers into paying clients

In today’s world, most businesses have websites to represent their products and services. The websites are virtual brochures whose purpose is to inform customers and convert them into paying clients.

Going back to the videos.

People Prefer Watching Over Reading

Most of the visitors to your website will need more to keep them on the site than blocks of text and a bunch of still images. They may spend one or two minutes clicking through the tabs, looking at any pictures that live on each page, scanning the material….

But, most viewers today are really looking for a catchy video that will give them the gist of your product and/or services and also entertain them for the same one or two minutes they would have spent getting bored scanning text.

If you have the viewer’s attention for one or two minutes, you can give them way more information through a video than you could through text; the brain can process that spoken and visual information 60,000 times faster than if it was forced to read print and comprehend.

People Share What They See and Like

If a viewer likes what they have seen, there is a 39% chance they will share it. If they share it, your audience could potentially and exponentially grow, which will also increase your SEO ranking.

After you have the attraction you need, you want to convert this attraction to loyalty and sales!

Videos Encourage People to Act (Purchase, Sign Up, Call, Book)

The more information a viewer receives, the better the purchasing choices they can potentially make (and this, as we have established, is accomplished more so through videos than text). Getting more detailed information leads visitors to making confident purchase decisions.

Videos can also help your product stand out above the rest, which could increase the trust you build with your potential customers.

So, back to our answer to your initial question–YES. Make a video. Post it on your homepage. Better yet, let us help you with it to make your job a lot easier!