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What is SEO Lancashire?

seo lancashireThe thing . . . the myth . . . the legend. . . . SEO marketing!

Contrary to popular belief, it is not just pixie dust and a click of the heels that brings a website up to the number-one search result in a Google search. It takes a little elbow grease to boost your website’s ranking to that point when using SEO marketing.

Much of the details of SEO may seem a mystery, but we’re here to help bring at least a little clarity.

To put it very simply, you boost a site’s ranking and searchability through SEO marketing by utilising a specific combination of keywords and links.

About Keywords

First, the secret to using the best keywords is to understand what words and phrases the typical Google searcher will use when looking for a product or service like yours. The closer and more accurate you are in using those specific keywords, the higher your chances of a better ranking, thus the more likely a user will find your website on the first page of their Google search.

Notice, above, we emphasize “closer and more accurate” in reference to keywords. It isn’t necessarily the quantity of keywords that will increase your website’s ranking; it is the quality of the keywords in whatever location you place them: headings, title, address, etc. Be sure to focus on quality.

About Links

Second, the links to your website from other relevant websites are very important to potentially boost your rating. If related websites are referencing your company and website through links, this is a message to search engines that what you are offering is priority.

Quality over quantity applies to links as well, as also referenced above; if a random, unrelated website links to yours, search engines are less likely to make the connection and boost your website’s ranking. 

Although our explanation may have simplified the process of using SEO to increase your site’s searchability, it really does take a lot of experience and strategy to be successful. At this point in the game, especially if you are just starting out, you may need or want assistance with this process.

We can provide that assistance.

When You Need Help

Not only can we explain the process more in depth, but we can work with you to strategize a customized plan for SEO as it applies to your business. We’ll show you the best way to link your site with others and to use the best, most relevant keywords that will ensure your success in rank boosting. We’ll even help you determine the most quality, relevant, and attention grabbing text for your site.

Don’t wait another second!  Contact us about SEO Lancashire today.



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