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Who We Are

We Just Rank is a full service internet marketing company based in Skelmersdale, Lancashire. We have been developing websites & marketing clients & coaching students businesses since 2008. To date we’ve helped over 150 clients, 800 coaching students, and have achieved more than 2000 top 10 rankings. We are a company built on high levels of trust and delivering results for our clients and students alike. Learn more about We Just Rank on our About page.

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What We Do

Our goal is simple. We want to identify your target audience and to drive them to your business!

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Internet Marketing Lancashire

What Is Internet Marketing?

When you do a Google search to find information about something, you usually click on one of the first results you see, right?


Have you ever wondered how those first results got to be at the top of the search page? We’ll break it to you now . . . it’s not magic! Those particular websites were search engine optimized (SEO).


Not many people are aware of how SEO works in detail, but the two main components of optimizing a site for search engine recognition and rank boosting are the use of specific links and keywords.


Let’s bring this around to your website.

About Links. . .

The links we’re referring to above are the links that connect other websites to yours. When other websites reference yours, they send a message to the search engine that you have a quality site worth noting. This signal potentially ups your value in the eyes of the search engine and therefore improves your position (ranking) on the search results page..

. . . And Keywords

Putting specific keywords into your content is another strategic way to boost your ranking.

Keywords are words or phrases that people use to search for products, services, or information that your website may contain. The key–pun intended–is to use those same exact words and phrases in your website, in your headings and titles, and so forth.

The important thing to remember is that quality is more valuable than quantity. You don’t want to stuff your content with keywords because that will look spammy, and search engines are on to that tactic.

Let us help you identify the right keywords and links to use in your website. In implementing these important SEO components, we will optimize your site and boost your rank so people searching for your products and services find you first.